The V-Cube Monitoring System is a versatile, highly reliable, and easy to use emergency call and monitoring system for the elder care market. The system uses state of the art integrated wireless components linked to the R-Cube System Appliance via a wireless transceiver which can be accessed from any network connected device, such as a PC or laptop. Voice functionality of any kind is built in, from integration to analog phones, digital phones, IP phones, and voice to voice with the 3900 voice to voice communicator (sold separately).

The V-Cube system provides verifiable information used in locating, assisting, and communicating with residents and caregivers for routine monitoring and during local medical emergencies. Incident information is stored by the system and can be used to create reports for tracking, managing, facilitating and improving ongoing site operations.

Once the V-Cube is on a network, any network-connected device can access it, including computers, tablets, smartphones, or displays. The V-Cube utilizes its built-in Master Receiver to receive all signals from the locator network such as alarms and maintenance signals. Utilizes a multitude of protocols such as WaveWare, TAP, SMTP, SSH, SIP, and HTTP to interface with all types of healthcare communication devices.


The V-Cube quickly interfaces with many different devices to provide you with a level of flexibility unmatched by other monitoring systems. It can quickly interface with computers, tablets, page encoders, radios, handsets, the central station and smart phones through the use of text messaging or email. Whichever your preference, the V-Cube offers the options to make your life easier.

Ease of Use

The V-Cube is simple enough for anyone to use, even if you struggle in the technical arena. The interface has no hidden menus or options, and everything is spelled out in an easy to understand, straight forward manner. This simplicity results in a higher level of mastery among caregivers and facility employees than any other system on the market.

Remote Support

The V-Cube systems comes with the option for remote support. This enables support technicians to troubleshoot any system remotely, and saves time and money on service calls. This feature can also be used by the facility staff to check in on residents, run metrics reports, and search past incidents.

Voice to Voice

The V-Cube sets itself apart by allowing caregivers to talk directly to residents to determine appropriate response and to reassure the resident that help is on its way. Paired with the 3900 Voice to Voice Communicator, it gives residents and caregivers alike the comfort of one on one communication and the assurance that the best possible methods are being used to ensure the call is handled in a timely and efficient fashion.

Phone Integration

If wireless phones are what your facility requires the V-Cube easily integrates with all types of wireless phones to make life simpler, and give your residents the care that they deserve. The V-cube can interface with most types of phones.